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Wuyuan County Market Supervision Bureau Agricultural Trade Institute to carry out special rectificat

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Note: China Quality News Network News is to further strengthen the supervision of the construction materials market, standardi
 China Quality News Network News is to further strengthen the supervision of the construction materials market, standardize the order of the construction materials market, eliminate hidden dangers in the quality of building materials decoration products, and ensure consumer daily consumption safety. Recently, wuyuan county market supervision and administration Bureau of agriculture and trade according to the county bureau on the "food, clothing, housing and transportation" field of special rectification work deployment, in accordance with the actual situation of the jurisdiction, in-depth development of circulation of building materials decoration products special rectification actions.
First, convene thematic meetings to develop a programme of work. The Wuyuan County Market Supervision and Supervision Bureau's Work Plan for the Special Improvement of Building Materials of the Agricultural and Trade Institute was formulated, focusing on the inspection of building materials such as brick, waterproof coil material, wire and cable, water pipes, and decorative and decorative materials. At the same time, the organization carried out the "clean room" action, focusing on man-made panels, wood floors, tiles and other decorative decoration materials to carry out special remediation.
Second, strengthen supervision and improve efficiency. The first is to check whether the operator's license is complete, whether the source of the business goods is legal, whether the logo is complete, whether the quality is qualified, whether the business behavior is standardized, whether the after-sales service is actually performed, and so on. Second, we will rigorously investigate and deal with the use of fake and shoddy decoration materials in violation of compulsory State standards, manufacturing and selling, and the use of factory name sites that are adulterated, falsified, falsely advertised, counterfeit or fraudulently used. Counterfeiting or fraudulently using such quality marks as certification marks and other illegal acts. The third is to check whether the decoration and decoration company has false propaganda, fraud enticing consumption, and the use of contract format terms to infringe consumer rights and interests and other illegal acts.
Third, strengthen publicity and create an atmosphere. Through the distribution of special rectification announcements in the field of "clothing, food, housing and transportation", the posting of publicity banners, and the suspension of publicity banners, the relevant laws and regulations for the operation of building materials decoration commodities have been widely publicized to business operators, and business operators have been educated to purchase building materials decoration commodities in strict accordance with formal channels. The source of unknown building materials decoration commodities will not be purchased.
So far, a total of 26 law enforcement personnel have been dispatched, 10 related business entities have been inspected, and 1 complaint on building materials decoration has been handled. No illegal and irregular operations have been found. (Wang Fei, correspondent Xufengxian
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