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Hefei will save energy and transform existing public buildings such as department stores

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Note: According to the Hefei Evening News, in the main urban area of Hefei, a considerable number of hotels, shopping malls, s
According to the Hefei Evening News, in the main urban area of Hefei, a considerable number of hotels, shopping malls, schools and hospitals have used old buildings for many years. They have also become a major consumer of daily energy and have brought pressure on the sustainable development of the city. On June 25, the reporter learned from the Hefei Urban and Rural Construction Bureau that this year, the city has actively promoted the energy-saving transformation of existing public buildings and plans to complete the energy-saving reconstruction area of 1.57 million square meters by the end of 2020. Soon a large number of old buildings will become more green and environmentally friendly.
The department store has been used for many years to usher in energy conservation renovation
Hefei Department Store was built in the late 1950s and has been a landmark old building that has witnessed the development of the city for 60 years. After many years of operation, the various systems of the department store, including air conditioning and distribution, have all appeared obsolete and aging to varying degrees, which has not only increased operating costs but also affected the shopping experience of consumers. Therefore, it has been included in this year's energy conservation renovation plan for buildings.
After the renovation project was implemented, Hefei Department Store achieved energy conservation through the transformation of air-conditioning systems, the transformation of distribution systems, the renovation of maintenance structure systems, and the installation of energy consumption monitoring platforms. The cost of electricity saving in one year alone was about 600,000 yuan. Industry insiders pointed out that hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, schools, hospitals and other existing public buildings have always been major energy consumers in Hefei and have great potential for energy conservation.
In 2017, Hefei City was listed as a key city for improving energy efficiency in public buildings throughout the country. In order to do a good job in the implementation of energy conservation in key cities, the Municipal Urban and Rural Construction Bureau has publicly solicited energy-saving renovation projects from the society, counties, urban areas and various departments this year. So far, Hefei city has announced three batches of public buildings energy efficiency improvement key urban renovation projects, a total of 32.
Construction of 1.57 million square meters of energy conservation by the end of next year
In order to fully exploit the energy conservation potential of buildings and solve the problems that still exist at present, such as the low level of energy use management and the slow progress of energy conservation transformation, the municipal urban and rural construction bureau has widely publicized and solicited renovation projects and applied for municipal financial special awards to make up more than 30 million yuan to promote this work.
According to the plan, there are many key construction projects that have been included in the renovation this year. Among the declared energy-saving renovation projects are the Hefei Sipailou Department Store, the First Hospital Emergency Center Building of the China University of Science and Technology, the Jade Lake Welcome Hotel, Hefei Chenmao Peace Hotel, and the Guoyuan Building., Hefei Sanzhong residents familiar with the large public buildings. This year, green buildings in the city will account for 45 % of new civilian buildings, renewable energy construction will exceed 8 million square meters, and urban renewable energy construction will reach more than 60 %.
It is expected that by the end of 2020, an area of 1.57 million square meters of energy conservation will be completed for existing public buildings, and the average energy conservation rate of the renovation projects will not be less than 15 %. The city will also guide the development of green buildings to high stars and heavy operations. The construction of large public buildings, office buildings of public institutions and other public buildings invested by the government shall be strictly carried out in accordance with the green building standards of two stars or above, and new residential areas with a total construction area of more than 300,000 square meters shall be constructed in accordance with the green building standards of two stars or more. Through demonstration guidance and financial incentives, green buildings are encouraged to design three-star or operate two-star or above standards.
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