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In the era of black iron, where is the first step in the digital transformation and upgrading o

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Note:   Facing the rapidly changing market,Vanke chose to embrace technology.Behind the full application of AI map review,Va
   Facing the rapidly changing market,Vanke chose to embrace technology.Behind the full application of AI map review,Vanke is determined to continue to promote digital applications.
  With the disappearance of land,finance and other dividends in the past,facing the new market environment,where is the next growth power of real estate enterprises and design institutes in the construction industry?
  Science and technology should be in line.
  In the upsurge of real estate science and technology in the past few years,many forward-looking technology R&D directions and scientific and technological products have emerged,which brighten people's eyes.However,the gap between"subversion","change"and"intelligence"in practical application and propaganda has made many people lose enthusiasm and even doubt the market demand and technology landing of construction technology.
  It is difficult to take two or three steps at first,but taking a key step may continue to benefit from it.
  Where is this step in the construction industry?How to take solid steps to optimize and improve the overall efficiency and steadily move towards intelligence,rather than becoming a"streaker"after the heat wave?What are the new equipment and new playing methods in the era of digital economy?Detailed analysis will be carried out below.
  Most of the problems in the construction industry
  The efficiency of information transmission and processing is very low
  The number of problems such as cost waste,quality and safety caused by drawing quality,version confusion and on-site management is surprisingly high in the construction industry compared with other industries such as retail and manufacturing.Although data has become a new communication medium,in the construction industry,the phenomena of"information island"and"repeated chimney"are still more and more.In the final analysis,this is because the efficiency of information transmission and processing in the whole life cycle of construction engineering is very low compared with other industries.
  At the development end,many leading real estate enterprises have been aware of this problem and are increasing digital investment year by year in order to improve efficiency.
  According to Kerui's real estate report last year,the average annual investment scale of top 50 real estate enterprises reached 131 million yuan in 2021,with a year-on-year growth rate of nearly 50%.More than 70%of the top 50 real estate enterprises invested more than 70 million yuan in digitization in 2021.
  Nearly 80%of the top 50 real estate enterprises plan to maintain an annual growth of more than 30%in digital investment in the future.This indicates that the construction industry will accelerate the whole chain digitization process,which is both a challenge and an opportunity.
  To improve overall efficiency through intelligence,
  Rapid response to market changes
  There is no shortcut!
  The digitization of construction engineering information must be realized first
  In order to achieve intellectualization through the intervention of science and technology,improve efficiency qualitatively,and respond to market changes in time to create value,one of the necessary conditions is the digitization of all kinds of information in construction engineering.
  It includes the whole life cycle design,cost,procurement,construction,sales and operation of construction projects,as well as the information about the supply chain,funds and users of construction projects.This is also the key point of the digital transformation of the construction industry.
  Gartner consulting believes that"digital transformation is the use of digital technology to drive business model innovation and transformation".based on this concept,after years of practice and summary,Vanke has formed the basic model of enterprise digital transformation:
  Firstly,based on the existing business scenario of the enterprise,combined with the technology of generating data,such as image recognition,form the original data asset of the business information;Then use the technology of data processing,such as machine learning,to form the unique ability of the enterprise;This capability can either empower and upgrade existing businesses or incubate new businesses.
  From this model,we can see that to realize the real digital transformation,obtaining business native data is the breakthrough.
  In the complex whole life system of construction engineering,there are three core elements connected in series to form the whole chain of development,construction and delivery:drawing,money and customers.
  As the source of information,drawing digitization is not only an important entry point,but also an essential part of the whole business process.
  2D drawings do not disappear
  Digitization of 2D drawings and 3D models is equally important
  When it comes to building engineering digitization,many people may immediately think of BIM modeling.In fact,the digitization of construction engineering is to transform the construction engineering information into a data structure that can be processed by machines.This structure is more like data tables,not two-dimensional or three-dimensional.
  Three dimensional models and two-dimensional drawings are visual expression of construction engineering information based on human vision and thinking characteristics and formed in long-term construction practice.
  Both have their own applicable scenarios:3D is used in scenes that require simulation experience,such as the deliberation of architectural scheme modeling,sales or rental display,visual building operation and maintenance,etc.
  In the scenes that require efficient expression of engineering information,such as the functional layout and size deliberation of the scheme,the review and acceptance of the scheme and construction drawings,cost and bidding,contract signing,construction site,etc.
  In the current architectural practice,most scenes use two-dimensional drawings,which has become the mainstream form and will exist for a long time.The fundamental reason is that drawings are more efficient than three-dimensional models in expressing functional relationships and accurate dimensions.
  based on this business reality,the digitization of two-dimensional drawings through appropriate technologies such as AI is an important development path for enterprise digital innovation and transformation.
  Through the digitization of drawings,precipitate the general base capacity
  Help improve the work and decision-making efficiency of the whole chain of the project
  Digitization is a prerequisite for realizing intellectualization,which is also the concept long practiced by Wanyi Technology Institute,a leading explorer in the domestic real estate technology industry.
  After more than five years of deep cultivation practice,Wanyi technology has developed nearly 100 products around real estate development,sales and operation,and is committed to promoting the digital transformation process of the whole real estate industry through continuous technology investment and product innovation.
  Starting from 2019,in the whole chain of design build development with drawings as elements in series,Wanyi technology takes AI drawing review as the entry point and takes root in the drawing review scene.With leading visual algorithm and massive drawing data training,it helps Vanke comprehensively and quickly find drawing problems in the design stage,effectively reduce the invalid cost loss caused by design defects and ensure the project progress and profits.Since the launch of marketization in 2021,AI has provided drawing review services for more than 90 real estate,design institutes and government agencies.
  Driven by drawings as the core,after in-depth learning and training of a large number of real business data,AI drawing review has precipitated a complete set of drawing digitization solution-AI drawing soil.Through the structure of drawings,design standards and drawing review problems,it extracts business native data to precipitate high-quality data assets,and forms general base capabilities such as data statistical analysis,drawing identification and standardized knowledge base,Assist in improving the efficiency of design based work and decision-making in the whole chain of the project.
  At present,the in-depth customer of AI drawing review service not only improves the efficiency of drawing review,but also provides support for drawing management,project management and quality evaluation.
  For example,after Vanke accessed AI to review drawings in 2020,it reviewed more than 130000 drawings in total,reducing design problems by 78%and avoiding potential losses of more than 310 million per year on average.All ports in the whole process view and use drawings based on the platform,and support the application of project master data extraction,asset inventory,image progress,intelligent modeling and so on;AI drawing review also adds Vanke construction drawing design resource evaluation system standards to assist in the ability evaluation of design suppliers.
  Intelligence is the most concerned and discussed in the industry.There is no doubt that intelligence will bring a lot of dividends to the construction industry.It is only a question of when it will erupt.But one thing is certain:without the early digital investment as a solid foundation,it is impossible to seize the dividend at the first time.
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