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Open a new chapter in the construction industry smart building ecosystem model helps construction en

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Note:   Digital reform and development has become an inevitable trend in the overall development of the construction industr
   Digital reform and development has become an inevitable trend in the overall development of the construction industry.The new technology generated by scientific and technological progress makes the new operation mode of construction industry possible,and the digital transformation of construction enterprises has become the general trend.In recent years,with the rapid development of science and technology,the wave of informatization supported by digitalization,networking and intelligence is booming.Among them,digitalization,as the core of data collection and accumulation,lays the foundation for the development of informatization and promotes the construction industry to move towards the road of efficient,rapid and high-quality development.BIM Technology,smart construction site and construction industrialization have gradually become new operation modes and profit models under the development of the new era.
  Some industry experts frankly said that construction enterprises must go through three levels of in-depth development to complete the overall Digitalization:Post digitalization,project management digitalization and enterprise management digitalization.Through the process management around the whole project cycle,from construction,procurement,operation to management of business scenarios at different stages,it is the only way for construction enterprises to realize digitalization to create a unified technical platform and architecture and form a smart building ecosystem.
  The global Gongde smart building ecosystem connects the digital,online and visual management of each scene of the construction industry through the smart site management system,smart building direct purchase system and industrial talent development system,and realizes the interconnection and data sharing of each scene.Global Gongde comprehensively promotes the construction and application of smart site management system and production digitalization,realizes all-round safety management of personnel,equipment,environment,materials,etc.on the construction site,continuously deepens and post management,reduces employment costs,ensures construction safety,effectively improves project digital delivery capacity,and helps the high-quality development of project management digitalization.
  based on the demand for building materials procurement and pan construction resources generated by the global Gongde smart construction site project,the smart building direct purchase system integrates and connects them,provides accurate docking for the supply and demand sides through big data,further improves the success rate and accuracy of business matching,provides data and technical support for the construction enterprises in the optimization and management of Pan construction procurement business process,and improves the comprehensive management ability and refined management level of the project,Reduce management costs and promote management upgrading.
  In terms of technology development,introduction,promotion and application,professional talent training and transportation,industrial project incubation,standard preparation and resource services in the construction field,the global community dares to take the lead,jointly establishes the smart building(Guangdong)Research Institute with Foshan University of science and technology,and carries out technology research and development seminars and resource sharing with a number of universities and R&D institutions,so as to provide multi-dimensional services to enterprises in the construction field.
  In addition,the general specification for smart construction site and the application specification for smart construction site,which were prepared with the participation of global Gongde,were officially approved for release and Implementation on May 25,2022,providing effective suggestions and guidance on the construction and application of smart construction sites.
  In the future,the global Gongde smart building ecosystem model will take the smart site management system as the core,connect the smart building ecosystem of upstream and downstream building materials,talents,business and other resources,and promote it in a sequential manner around standardization,informatization,digitalization and intelligence,so as to realize project data standardization,business line digitalization,data connection sharing for construction enterprises on the road of digital reform Intelligent analysis and decision-making provide the source power to continuously promote the high-quality development of the construction industry.
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