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There is a tower on the deep mountain peak in Jiangxi, and there is no support on all sides. How are

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Note: There is a tower in Jiangxi, built on a steep and steep rocky peak, craggy rocks, the top of the tower and the top of th
There is a tower in Jiangxi, built on a steep and steep rocky peak, craggy rocks, the top of the tower and the top of the top of the mountain into the top of the rock, hanging on all sides, there is no place to rely on, do not know how it was formed?
It was a perfect combination of nature and man. The stone peak rose from the valley and stood like a natural tower. On the top of Shifengta, there is another artificially built tower. Therefore, this stone peak and the top of the tower are integrated, is a spectacle, known as Ashota.
Everyone knows that the famous site of the famous Longyuankou, Ashota is near here, Longyuankou Town, Yongxin County, Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province. Ayuta stood out in the midst of a continuous mountain, and was drawn to it at a glance.
The tower in the Valley, the pagoda on the top of the mountain, is Ashota. On the cliff of the deep mountains, Ashota is stunning and lonely! This is like a tower of stone peaks, steep walls, such as the work of the axe, Cangjianglong from East to West from its side around. It can be said that nature is natural, the spirit is prosperous, and there is a great atmosphere of quiet Wonderland.
To climb the Stone Peak Tower, there is only a rugged and steep path, which connects with the mountain beams. There is a natural path that reaches the mountainside. This is the only way to reach the tower.
Along the way, the environment is quiet, and the forest is deep and dense. At a distance of 30 meters from the peak, the road is even more dangerous. In this danger, several iron pillars were planted separately, and a long chain was tied. Visitors climb up with cliff chains.
At the mountainside, there are 5 meditation houses on the mountainside, which was originally inhabited by the mage who is in charge of incense. When you climb to the top of the tower, you will see a pagoda, as if deep in the top of the rock, hanging on all sides without support, but still standing on the top of the mountain for a long time. Perhaps because the top of the stone peak is large, the top of the tower is made of iron and cast on it. It was donated by believers in the Qing Dynasty.
Ashota faces south and has a platform on the back that overlooks the mountains and can watch the sunrise in the mountains. Standing on the top, the scenery everywhere is full of eyes, when people can find that Ashoka Tower was originally built on the sword and axe, standing on the cloud of the town dragon stone.
Standing on the platform, the mist in front of the steam, lingering, facing a cliff cliff, the waterfall howling down, in the valley in the thick shade, Ruhongzhonghongming, suddenly feel refreshed.
Everyone who has seen Ashota is amazed by the natural magic work and is also amazed at the construction of the tower on the peak of the stone! The mountains are so steep that the temples are all cliffs. Below is the abyss of 10,000 feet. It has been very difficult to climb with bare hands. When building the Ashota, how was the building materials transported up? How did the artisans carry out dangerous construction work on the cliffs and peaks around them?
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