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The "three major buildings" of the urban sub center appeared at the end of the year

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Note:   The sub center of the city will speed up the construction of four major industrial projects and various headquarters
   The sub center of the city will speed up the construction of four major industrial projects and various headquarters projects in the key groups of the Canal Business District,the northern plot of the cultural tourism area,and achieve the basic completion of the second phase of the administrative office area.The"three major buildings"of the sub center will make a wonderful appearance.The first phase of Tongzhou Campus of Renmin University will be completed and put into use,and the reconstruction project of the East Sixth Ring Road will be completed and opened to traffic.This reporter learned from the two sessions of Tongzhou District yesterday.
  Entering the library of one of the"three buildings"in the sub center,the construction personnel are installing the white ceiling like"clouds",striving to complete the installation before the Spring Festival.At present,the landmark"Valley Hall"landscape of the library has begun to take shape.The winding main passage is very beautiful,and the reading area on both sides,which looks like a"hillside terrace",has built a basic structure.After the project is completed and opened to the public,each layer of"hillside terraces"will be available for citizens to read and relax,creating a reading experience of"facing mountains under trees".
  Wang Jiale,the technical director of the library project,introduced that the project covers an area of about 75000 square meters,with three floors above the ground and one floor below the ground.At present,the facade has been unveiled,and indoor decoration and electromechanical installation are under way.After the project is completed and opened to the public,the daily reception is about 5000 to 8000 people.
  Around the library,the other two major buildings,the East Hall of the Capital Museum and the sub central theater,are also under construction.At present,the east hall of the Capital Museum in the shape of a"sailboat"has begun to show its beauty.The roof curtain wall of the project has been basically completed,and more than 60%of the ordinary indoor decoration has been completed.The sub central theater,also known as the"cultural granary",includes the opera house,concert hall,theater and outdoor theater.At present,all the facades of the venues have been unveiled,and indoor electromechanical,stage equipment installation and fine decoration projects,as well as equipment commissioning and trial operation are under way.
  The overall project of"three major buildings"is expected to be completed by the end of 2023,making a wonderful appearance.After completion,the"three major buildings"will become the cultural center,vitality center and civic cultural leisure and entertainment center of the sub center of the city,creating another representative new landmark of the city.
  The first phase of Tongzhou Campus of Renmin University will also be completed and put into use in 2023.At present,the first phase of the students'dormitories in the north area has been completed,the first phase of the west area and the second phase of the students'dormitories are undergoing decoration and mechanical and electrical engineering installation,the main steel structure of the southern school department buildings and the student affairs center buildings have been capped,and the construction of floor bearing plates,secondary structures,and mechanical and electrical installation projects are under way.These projects will be completed by the end of 2023.
  Dongxiayuan Comprehensive Transportation Hub Project,a sub center of the city,is a key project of Tongzhou District to promote the coordinated development of Beijing,Tianjin and Hebei.The project is close to the East Xiayuan Station of Line M6,undertakes the passenger flow exchange task between the sub center and the central city,as well as between the new cities in the eastern development belt,and is the core connection point of the external and internal traffic of the sub center.The project is expected to complete the main part of the hub in July 2023,meeting the conditions for opening the ground part of the station.
  The reconstruction project of the East Sixth Ring Road under construction is also progressing smoothly.Recently,the shield machine"Canal"of the east line tunnel has been launched for the second time,officially opening the second half of the journey of the east line tunnel.When the project is completed at the end of 2023,the existing East Sixth Ring Road will be changed into a two-way six lane underground road,and the original East Sixth Ring Road main road above the ground will be built into a high-speed park.The project will greatly alleviate the traffic congestion of the East Sixth Ring Road in the future,which is of great significance for improving the traffic service level of Beijing and promoting the traffic integration of Beijing Tianjin Hebei region.
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