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What materials do building materials include?

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Note: Home decoration has always been a big thing in life, I believe that every friend to the house decorated more value, beca
 Home decoration has always been a big thing in life, I believe that every friend to the house decorated more value, because the house and family hard to fight to get.
If the house is not decorated, then the family will live in a lot of problems, for the quality of life we live in, so we need to choose building materials decoration materials.
First of all, we need to understand the main building materials included in the decoration materials?
Decoration materials are mainly structural materials and decorative materials
The main structural materials are: large core plates, density plates, decorative panels, tri-plates, cement plates, gypsum plates, etc.;
Decorative materials are: cleaning, ceramics, kitchen utensils, curtains, doors and Windows, lamps, hardware, etc.;
The above materials are commonly used when decorating houses.
When we decorate the house, we should not only consider what building materials are needed, but also consider the quality of building materials and environmental protection.
As we all know, environmental protection has always been a big problem. If the material is used a little bad, then we decorate the house will be very tolerant of excess formaldehyde. And is there less news about formaldehyde?
After all, the people who are mixed in the Internet know that there is a lot of news about formaldehyde that causes cancer in their families. Therefore, for the sake of our own health and that of our families, we must use good building materials. It's not good, but it's gon na work. We can't make fun of our health because we really can't afford to.
Therefore, when we choose building materials, we must not choose it in order to see the price is cheap. We should choose building materials from many aspects. Especially with regard to environmental protection and quality.
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