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On the relationship between architectural form and architectural technology in architectural creatio

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Note:   With the progress of society and the continuous improvement of people's living standards,architectural space aesthet
   With the progress of society and the continuous improvement of people's living standards,architectural space aesthetics,which is closely related to people's life,has attracted more and more attention,prompting the professional research on"architectural form"in the industry to deepen.The book"architectural morphology"published by China Construction Industry Press in 2006 systematically discusses the important subject of architectural morphology.Colleges and universities,design and research institutions have also analyzed and studied the composition,modeling and application of architectural form,and relevant academic works have sprung up.What is architectural form?The popular explanation is that human beings apply the laws of nature and material forms to architecture,or architectural forms are artificially created material forms,a collection of people's perception of various buildings,and the overall impression left by architectural existence.
  Building technology is the sum of human society's behavior in building production activities,including structure technology,decoration technology,equipment technology,information and intelligent technology,material technology and so on.These technologies can be divided into two levels:design technology and construction technology.Design technology is mainly reflected in creation and calculation,and construction technology is mainly reflected in the organization and implementation of construction.
  The relationship between architectural form and architectural technology is dialectical.Architectural technology determines and restricts architectural form,which in turn promotes the improvement of architectural technology.The evolution of architectural form is the accumulation process of architectural technology exploration,invention,improvement,renewal and development.Different historical times and cultures will form different architectural technical characteristics,which will evolve and develop continuously after architectural practice,generate new architectural forms,and gradually improve the living environment and urban style.It can be seen that the summary and generalization of the continuous staggered influence and development of architectural technology and architectural form constitute the development process of architectural history.
  Since ancient times,whether western architecture or Chinese architecture,architectural form is inseparable from local architectural technology at that time,among which structural technology and material technology have the greatest impact on architectural form.In recent decades,the progress of global construction technology has far exceeded the sum of more than 500 years since the industrial revolution.In terms of structural technology,the problems of super long span,super long cantilever and super height that have long affected and limited the development of architectural form can be easily solved.For example,the"C-pillar"structure of Beijing Daxing International Airport makes the aesthetic design scheme of public space perfect.In terms of building materials,an endless stream of new materials provide solutions to the problems that restrict the transparency,brightness,comfort and lightness of building forms for a long time.With the advent of 5g(fifth generation mobile communication technology),the development of intelligent technology has brought new momentum to the development of traditional building technology.All these provide a solid material foundation and technical support for us to create architectural forms that meet the requirements of the times in architectural design.From the urbanization construction achievements of more than 40 years of reform and opening up in China,the development achievements of modern architectural technology have brought great changes to the urban architectural form,and the urban appearance of our country has taken on a new look.In particular,major public buildings such as bird's nest,water cube and Daxing International Airport fully reflect the impact of the development level of construction technology on the architectural form,promote and create the establishment of China's image as a big country,and become the external embodiment of the superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics.
  The author believes that architectural creators should take the beautiful yearning of human beings for architectural space as the basic direction,rather than stick to the preferences and needs of one time,one place and one family.Architectural design should make full use of existing advanced architectural technology to meet people's pursuit of the quality of public living environment and living space to the greatest extent.At present,there is a phenomenon in the construction industry,which takes inheriting certain characteristics as the basic idea,pursues retro and invariance in architectural form,and expresses a specific architectural form school with symbolic signs.As long as the architecture does not reflect a certain established form,it is accused of violating the academic requirements.This thought ignores the dialectical relationship between architectural form and architectural technology,and imprisons the change and development of modern architectural form.At present,the creative ideas of some retro and antique buildings and the use of old architectural forms have greatly hindered the application of innovative achievements in architectural technology,limited the great vitality and expressiveness brought by modern industrial civilization to architecture,and is a waste of current architectural technology and building material science.
  Any academic school of architectural creation should be the technology integration formed under the historical conditions at that time.As an academic thought,architectural form should never be fixed on the previous inherent cognition,but should make full use of the progress of architectural technology,constantly push through the old and bring forth the new,and pursue to better meet people's beautiful yearning for living environment and space aesthetics,which is the correct direction of architectural creation efforts.When designing a building or an architectural community,we should not first consider which architectural genre to adopt,but take"building architectural works of art full of care for people and nature"as the goal,so as to realize the integration with the environment and high integration with modern architectural technology,and promote the continuous change and perfection of architectural form and urban style with the development of architectural technology.
  The author believes that"there is no need to follow the ancient law for the benefit of the people,and there is no need to follow the old law for the benefit of the week".The architectural form and architectural technology of architecture in any historical stage are a dialectical and unified relationship of mutual influence and mutual promotion.Architectural creators must use the vision of development,dialectical thinking,bold innovation and continuous change to create the latest and most beautiful modern architecture and create architectural masters in the new era.
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