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What are the characteristics of common inflatable membrane buildings?

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Note:   1.Excellent air handling capacity.The air entering the room of the air-film building must pass through the air handl
   1.Excellent air handling capacity.The air entering the room of the air-film building must pass through the air handling system,and because the indoor pressure is higher than the outdoor pressure,the outdoor air will not enter the room through the gap(similar to the clean workshop).In haze,when the outdoor PM2.5 index reaches 700,the indoor PM2.5 index of the air-film gymnasium is only 20.
  2.The advantage of large-span structure is that the air-film building is a building system that supports the structure through the pressure difference between indoor and outdoor,which is usually between 150pa and 400pa.The air-film building has the advantage of large-span structure,and more than 100 meters of air-film buildings have been built and put into use in China.
  3.The approval process is simple,while the approval process of traditional fixed buildings is slow.The approval process of the air-film stadium is relatively simple because it is qualitative as a temporary building.
  4.The construction cost is low,and the air film building will not increase the construction cost per square meter because of the increase of the span.However,the larger the span is,the higher the construction cost per square meter is.For general stadiums and gymnasiums,the air film building is only 1/3-1/5 of the cost of conventional sports buildings.
  5.Safety,the air-film building is a kind of flexible building.The earthquake disaster will not cause damage to the air-film building,let alone the disaster of instant collapse like the traditional building.The air film theme has light weight,and even if the collapse will not cause injury to personnel,it will not cause damage to the facilities in the venue.
  6.The installation period is short,and the on-site installation period of the gas film building is short.Generally,the installation and commissioning of the gas film building can be completed and put into use in about 10 days.The installation process will not cause construction dust,noise and other pollution,and will not produce construction waste,green and environmental protection.At the same time,there is no construction approval process for the gas-film building,which saves the project construction period.
  7.The demolition and relocation is simple,and the demolition of the gas film building is convenient.The general gas film venue can be removed in 2-3 days.The overall demolition and relocation can be adjusted according to the urban planning,and can be recycled.
  8.Green and environmental protection:traditional fixed buildings require a large amount of cement and sand,with a limited span.Whether it is built or dismantled,a large amount of construction waste will be discharged,while the materials required for prefabricated stadiums and gymnasiums can be recycled,from construction to dismantling,without leaving any construction waste,so as to achieve real green and environmental protection.In the future,mobile relocation can be carried out according to the needs of urban planning without permanently occupying land resources.
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